Drivers on WindowsUpdate


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I'm not personally bothered about this but.....

the 6071XP drivers are on just in case anyones interested :)

I'm using the 6093 drivers (anyone know if they DX9 supported?)
I noticed this too. But I'm using the 6093's too.

I think the 6093's may have DX9 support cos there are alot of R300 references in the inf and dll's (apparently) and as the R300 will be DX9 card it is likely that these drivers have some support.
Will Windows Update remove your old drivers and clean the registry up for ya if you download it there? Or do you still have to do all this manually?
I'm very cynical when it comes to Windows Update doing anything perfectly or sensible with a driver related install. So I'd use add/remove programs to uninstall your current drivers. Do any registry cleaning you want to do. Then reboot and cancel any prompts to reinstall a display driver, go to Windows Update and let it install the driver.
NEW drivers?

NEW drivers?

I heard a Rumor that NEW ATI drivers will be out soon... I hope this is true ... my source is not the most trustworthy but says it could be a soon as tomorrow... this could be true because the whql process takes about that long. well i guess we'll see ... the drivers on windows update could be the new ones.....
I would sooner poke my eye out a pencil eraser than install drivers for non-MS hardware from Windows Update :-)

I think your friend is correct that new drivers are in the offing very soon. They won't come out on Windows Update first - they will come straight from ATI.