Drive Migrate: 60gb SSD Win 7 drive & spinner game partition to one big SSD


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I have a five yr. old 60 gb SSD boot drive and a 1TB spinner drive that has a partition for games, another for media, and another for archives.

I bought an Intel 730 480gb SSD and it should be here soon. I was thinking of doing my old thing of installing Windows (in this case, 7) on a smallish partition and installing the games on another bigger one, on the SSD, and keeping the spinner for the media and archive stuff.

Should I try to just migrate the Win 7 drive and the game partition? I'm not sure that matters that much any more, but it may be easier to migrate as each is already a separate volume. Or should I just reinstall everything, including a fresh Win 7 install?

Acronis, the Intel Drive Migration Tool? Thoughts?
Fresh install is my vote. Don't partition the SSD or the Hard Drive. Just use Libraries or Folders.

My .02
I try to keep my partitioning as simple as possible. For me, the idea is to keep windows and applications together, and everything else seperate.

Ultimately, if i need a fresh OS, I'm only formatting the drive with the OS and applications, everything else is preserved.

Here is my setup

Mount			Drive			Use
C:			256GB SSD		Windows+Apps
C:\Storage		2TB HDD			All Games
D:			4TB			Everything else (media/archives/etc)

My credo, keep it simple :)