Dolby digital + games


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As some of you may know, I really interrested in getting the midiland 8200's. The only down to these speakers is that they don't support 4.1 sound. Anyways, anyone have any kind of list/knowledge of what games support DD 5.1 sound?

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Better for my classical music then cause I just got myself the DTT 2200 5.1 system recently.

4.1 is fine for me. Sheesh, don't make it sound as if 4.1 sucks now, it's bad enough there is a 6-month product cycle for video cards.

There ain't any choppers or comet crashes in UT, so I think i'm safe. :D

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4.1? EEEEEEEWWWW! :p I just got the dtt2500's and they rock my lame asterick! I don't know if the games support 5.1 per se but If they support surround sound then the pro logic decoder should take care of making it sound ok?

Dolby Digital is just a codec (AC-3) that can output at 2 or 5.1 or 6.1 (with DD EX) - think of it as a bigger and better cousin of the mp3 codec. It compresses and decompress a STATIC sound file - the movie director and the sound engineer already know that the bullet comes from the left of the screen and travels to the right side of the screen - and they manually "place" the bullet sound within the 5.1 channels.

Dolby Digital has nothing to do with 3D gaming when the computer has to generate a 3D sound on the fly. The only time Dolby Digital may be useful is if computer game developers compress sound "samples" of gun shots, explosions etc - like when they compress graphic textures for video games. The gaming developers probably won't use AC-3 to compress these sample sounds because Dolby charges too much money.
If you are talking about the 5.1 support on the creative live 5.1 cards, any game that has support for eax or directsound 3d can make use of all five channels. Games pass panning information and other crap to the sound card, and the sound card generates the seperate 5 audio streams.