DoesOEM Radeon 32 DDR include ATI DVD player ?


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Hello everybody,

I just puchase an "OEM" radeon 32 DDR in France, ( it is quite difficult here to find the retail version) and it seems that the installation CD does not include ATI DVD player?
In fact, the installation seems to be for the ATI 128 family ...
Which version of the ATI DVD player is fully compatible with the Radeon hardware?

Does another DVD player use the Radeon in hardware (WinDVD...)?

Thanks in advance for your answers..
I bought one in Sweden last week and there was a DVD player version 7 on it. You are supposed to get one when You buy this card. My cd is marked with:

International Installation CD
ATI Multimedia Center

ATI Software release 712

If You don´t have this CD contact [email protected] and they will send You one. ATI Eurotech are very nice and helpful.

OEM's usually don't ship with the DVD software. Same happened when i got my fury, but the european tech did send me one for free after I pleaded