Does it matter which port I chose on the vid card?


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So this is the first time ever that I use DP on my card, (DVI in the past) and am wondering if they are the same. I assume they are but maybe one has priority or more efficient access to the chip.

Probably not but I am trowing this out there :)
Not the same, DisplayPort can move a ton more data. If you were in the 3440x1440 or 4k+ range DP is the way to go.
They're all the same, essentially. Obviously you can have situations where one port physically goes bad or something, but assuming they're all working it doesn't matter which one you use.
Which video port to use doesn't matter, however, I recommended using DP. Be sure your DP cable is certified, though.
Yes, at least if you have an Nvidia display card and a Freesync monitor, G-sync only works over DP.