does apple have decent sales during black friday timeframe?


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family member was looking to buy the 13 pro.
what i find odd is that i don't see it listed on apple's website. they do have the regular iphone 13. is that how they usually do it? do they stop selling the higher end models when the newer stuff comes out?
Apple themselves rarely if ever have any deals. The only annual thing they have every year is a back to the school sale where you get something with purchasing a device.

As far as older devices they usually drop the outgoing pro model.

Check the apple refurb website for older devices and pretty decent prices. From what I hear the refurb stuff from apple is practically brand new.
Refurb quality is high + you get the same warranty as new, but Apple generally keeps the previous gen high end off the refurb list for quite some time.

And, here on the east coast anyway, refurb prices are no longer a really decent deal.

$900 for the 11 Pro Max

No 12s in stock on the refurb site and 13 series not even listed. For that price I would have to pay a bit more and just buy new.

As far as actual sales, Microcenter has ~$100 off various devices on occasion, Bestbuy’s deals are usually in the $50 range.

Sites like Mac of all Trades has some good deals on occasion too.