Dobly Digital with ATI DVD player


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I just recieved my Radeon today and after installing the ATI DVD player and using DVD genie I was able to get Dobly Digital output. However, I decided to format my hardrive and now after installed the ATI DVD player and DVD Genie again I cannot seem to get the Dobly Digital to work. There is now an option under DVD Genie to downmix the audio which I did not notice before, im thinking that could be the problem but I have no idea how to solve it. If anyone knows how to setup the DVD player and DVD genie to allow dobly digital please let me know.

Thanks in advance.
Ok, well it apears I have figured out the problem I was having. It seems the newest version of DVD Genie doesn't allow you to enable Dobly Digital pass through on the ATI DVD player. I installed an older version I had (3.43) and it now works perfectly.