Do programmers get what object-oriented means?


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It seems to me that less than 10% actually understand what it means. The company I work at claims to, but all I see is a bunch of functional decomposition wrapped into interfaces. It seems like the tools have changed over the years but, programmers carry on with what they have always done. I've been lucky enough to work on a few systems that were truly object-oriented and it made me very spoiled. Its so frustrating to try and explain to programmers that have never seen such a system why it is so much better. They just don't get it. I guess it is a different way of thinking that needs to be taught. I am not sure schools today are doing such a great job with this ...
The problem is that you need to research the problem you want to implement so you can design the base generic classes you intend to use. Not doing it carefully, so there is room for correction latter, can be a PITA. Most people like to dive in into the coding and figure things and correct as they go along ;i

Same thing could be said about generic programming, it's hard to teach someone how to do it right and univerities sure as hell aren't gonna do that ;)
I run into a lot of that mentality too. Especially when there is schedule pressure. (which narrows it down to 100% of all projects). Its hard to convince people to sit down and meet at the beginning of any project to discuss design. Their fear is that it'll take too long. But, my experience is always the opposite. If the end goal is to deliver a quality product to an end user, taking the time to do an object-oriented design will delivery faster and better software.