do i need hydravision to use the tv-out?...


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ok, here is the deal, i'm putting together a new computer and i'm gonna use the radeon in it. i have a laptop that i'm gonna use for net browsing, chatting, word processor, etc. but the new box i'm putting together will be for gaming, music(going to hook it up to my z560's), and movies.
my question, i want to use a tv instead of a monitor, since i dont have the money for a monitor, and since its gonna be just for games and movies and stuff, however, whenever i try to use tv-out, all i see is the background, if i want to see other things on the tv, i have to click on the hydravision button on the window i want to see, can i just hook the pc upto the tv(without a monitor), and get the ENTIRE desktop to show? do i need to uninstall hydravision for this?
thats an interesting question, I dont know for sure if it will work without a monitor at all..but I dont have hydravision installed..found it had absolutely no use to me..I use tv-out for movies on a regular basis (almost daily).
but I also have 2 monitors hooked up too..I doubt you will be able to get it to work with 0 monitors, but you can try and let everyone know your results I doubt many, if any have tried
ummm..the reason is stated
it had absolutely no use to me
nothing but a waste of space and system reources.
mind you I do use a 3rd party program called Ultramon, which I guess does some of the same things, but it adds features that I really like, like shortcuts to dual, back to one, back to dual using tv, etc.
ok, i just tried it without a monitor and without hydravision installed, and it works!
i think the card recognizes that there is no monitor installed, so it uses its next source, tv.
i adjusted the screen so its 640x480 and increased the dpi resolution so i can read the text, its pretty cool.
i played a couple games, ran them all at 640x480x32, 6x smooth, 16x aniso, and they all look great! now all i need is a wireless gamepad and i'm set.

btw, for those of you that like wireless stuff, check this out, its the x10 mouse remote, i have one and its really cool, here is the link: