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Here it is running on the Elder Scrolls Online.

Some of the comments say TAA looks sharper than DLAA. I'm not sure I understand how. DLAA clearly looks the best to me. Both DLSS and TAA are averaging out too much fine detail.

DLAA and TAA look pretty equal to me. Some areas one looks better, others the other does. I wanna know what kind of dlss they are running though, cause it looks pretty bad.
Maybe it's cause I'm watching on a 1440p display, but geez I barely see any difference at all.
Yeah, I'm not sure if Elder Scrolls online just looks that bad, or if they've turned down settings. But for eliminating Youtube as a factor in picture quality, just force it to downscale 4K down to whatever resolution you're using.
Anyone play Elder Scrolls online and able to load it up and give some impressions? Because all the youtube footage is looking pretty unimpressive so far because it's so heavily compressed.
He could have chose a much better area to do a comparison.

I think DLAA will shine on games that have for example heavy shader aliasing and this type of stuff that traditional AA just plain ignores.
Yeah, those are some good screenshots. Would have also liked a comparison without any form of anti-aliasing, but oh well.

And I guess TAA does look sharper. :hmm: It doesn't seem it in motion--at least not from the video above.