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On the DivX homepage it sais, the new DivX-Player supports the ATI Remote Wonder, and a plugin should automatically be installed!
It SHOULD be in C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\RemCtrl\Plug-ins , but in my case it just isn't!
So, does this work for some of you? And if so, could someone mail the plugin to me (some *.dll-file)?
Thanks a lot!!!
strange !
maybe they forgot to include the plugin in the latest 5.03 release :confused:

be sure to check the FAQ section of my website
GREAT site, I just had a first look there and it's just what I've been waiting for since I got the RemoteWonder! Thanks!!!
(The WinAmp-Plugin is great, by the way!)

Concerning the DivX-Plugin:
Did it work for you with DivX5.02? I didn't know that version had implemented it allready! Maybe I should give that one a try?! (And btw: of course I installed the RemoteWonder-drivers first..)
As far as I can remember, the plugin is included since version 5.01 (but I may be wrong)

should u try with divx 5.02...

and thx for your support ;)
This could be interresting for windmiller as well:
On remotew's site (http://membres.lycos.fr/remotew/girder.html) I found a link to Girder, a software with which you can configure all keys completely free! Using Ermon's RemoteWonder-plugin it worked great and even without ATI's drivers (which caused some problems in my case)!!!
It takes some time to get used to it and configure it, but it's worth it...

Now, that's been what I had in mind when bying the RemoteWonder!!!

@remotew: Btw., I had no problems with Ermon's plugin at all!
And if it executes two actions for one key pressed, try activating "Only send first match" under "Target".
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Could some one email me this Plug-in for DivX. I've installed the player 4 or 5 times and the plug-in never shows up in my Plugin directory.

[email protected]

Much appreciated!
BTW, I searched the web high and low for this sucker. You'd think they would have it posted some where on the ATI or DivX website. Heck even someone on their own website. Couldn't find it anywhere.
IT's in the one place you wouldn't think to look.

IT's in the one place you wouldn't think to look.

The plugin is in the Divx player directory and it's called "DivXPlayerATIPlugin.dll"

You can import it from there, no need to copy it.
Got it! Much appreciated! I kept looking for it in the Plug-in folder. Doh, I should have looked in the player dir to see if it was there. My bad!