DIV/SPAN and relative positioning


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I'm trying to take care of some IE7 compatibility issues that deal with relative positioning. I use relative positioning when I want to have the ability to set the positions of items relative to items previously placed on the page. I use SPAN when going left to right and DIV when going top to bottom.

Well, I was using the AlphaImageLoader filter in IE for the PNG transparency trick in IE 5.5/6 and had attached that to SPANS and DIVS. Well, IE7 doesn't seem to like it when I place them in SPANs although earlier verions of IE had no problems.

My issue is when I have items going left to right where I want to remove one and have those to the right move to the left to take the place of the one that I removed. Since SPAN's and my AlphaImageLoader filter and IE7 don't seem to play well (images loaded through AlphaImageLoader in SPANS do not appear at all unless given absolute positioning), are there any other container elements that I might try that would accomplish this? I tried wrapping my PNG DIV's in SPANS but they appear on top of eachother vertically instead of left to right like relatively positioned SPANS normally do.

Heh, congrats if you can understand this post and double congrats if you can help. :)