Distance problem with my remote?


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I just bought a radeon 7500 AIW and I thought the remote was going to be really great. Well after plugging it in, I can only use the remote if I am no more then 5 feet away. I have everything connected. On the manual it says I can control it from another room. But I'd settle for being to feet away in the same room. What is going on? What can I do? everything else in that room works fine. The computer is next to the TV and my TV remote, VCR remote, stero remote DSS remote all work normal but this thing doesn't. I can bring it upstairs with no TV nothing and it works the same distance. Is this normal or what? Please help if you can
try to keep the antenna away from the computer?!

mine has a range of ~20ft...

my antenna (the wire that comes out of the reciever box) is away and above my computer (my computer being on the floor, the reciever on my desk)...
thanks I took a peice of tape and placed it on the side of my computer and instantly recived another 30 feet of range or so. Now this is what I was talking about. Thanks for the help