Display Problem in Win98 SE and Rage 128VR


New member
I can't seem to get display settings to behave correctly in Win98 SE.
The setting is stuck on 6bit in lowest resolution, each time you set it to higher setting and reboot the new settings are ignored.
I've tried removing and reinstalling drivers and making sure the card is set to AGP as I found that it had been changed to PCI in the BIOS.
What else can I do?
Any tools to remove all files referenced for Rage 128 and reinstall. I'm trying to correct this problem with reformatting.
I'm fixing the computer for a friend, and my Win98 skills and tools have become ancient lore to me.
Install OS.
Install latest directx.
Install chipset drivers for mother board.
Download and install latest driver from www.ati.com
Do a manual install if the installer fails.
Enjoy the view.
Test with another vid card if unsuccesful as the Rage 128 may be damaged.