Disabling Macrovision on ATI DVD Players above 3.2?


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I have an older tv set that doesn't have RCA or S-Video in jacks, so i have to use my vcr to recieve the signal from the ATI tv out, problem is that when you go through a vcr you get macrovision copy protection unless you are using the old ATI DVD players 3.2 or less, with that player all you had to do was delete the atitvo32.dll file to disable macrovision.

Problem is that now the older ATI DVD players that you could disable macrovision with don't work on the Radeon, i tried to install version 3.2 of the player and the screen just goes into gibberish mode and locks up. So far i haven't heard of anyone successfully removing macrovision from the newer ATI DVD players, the atitvo32.dll trick no longer works on any player over 3.2

I really don't want to go out and buy a new tv just to get the picture from my computer to my tv, i have a good tv and set top DVD player in my living room, but i use my pc for watching DVD's in my basement rec-room. It's not worth it to buy a new tv for the amount of time i spend watching movies down there, but it would still be nice to be able to without buying a new set.