DirectX Coders?


New member
Hi all. Just curious if there's any DirectX coders out there,
any and all aspects (ie input, sound, 3D especially). Especially
hoping there's people that can help me past the beginner parts
of programming this stuff. I've gotten into it, partly out of
interest, and partly as my grad piece for school, but i've got
alot of ground to cover and not alot of time to do what i'd
like to do.

What i'm trying to finish by December is D3D graphics (code
and Xfiles), texture mapping and lighting, video texturing (i've
tried recompiling the sample in the SDK, my compiler can't find
the link to the d3dframe.lib file), keyboard & mouse input (a la
Quake3 style), sound and 3d sound, and possibly network (if i
have time).

Much thanks!