DirectShow Semantics trouble


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I am working on a project for school and have been having some issues with DirectShow and was wondering if anyone can offer some help. I added my filters to my filter graph and connected my pins and verified the HR results succeed but it’s just not working.

I am trying to put a filter together to use ATI X1800 AIW to show some input from the composite connection of the card. I verified that I have all the filters I needed through GraphEdit.

First, when you find the filter you need by enumerating by class, you get the filter and hold on to it correct? What I mean is that you don’t release it (before program termination.) Do I have to release it before I call RenderEX? How about the pins? Do I connect and release right after or do I hold instances of them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I found some help online but it’s not helping making my program work. All that my program does is enumerate a specific class, find the filter I want, and then added to the filter graph. Then I enumerate the pins and connect the ones that need to be connected using GraphEdit as the guide. I’m also programming it as a win32 console application.