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I noticed that with the remote wonder the receiver is installed before the drivers, for the remote for my 8500DV, I had to install the drivers before I plugged in the receiver. Is this true? Are there any other differences?
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You got a point here, i noticed it 2.

But I think it's rather in the driver's than in hardware, cuz the remote thats ships with the 8500 DV (of wich i am a proud owner :P) is an exact replica of the Remote Wonder (or visa-versa).

Since the release of the Remote wonder the driver version went from 1.0 to 1.1 and this might well be the "problem", and though I havent test this yet I have the feeling this might be the thing.
Standalone vs. Bundled

Standalone vs. Bundled

Same product. Literally.

The Remote Wonder 1.1 drivers and software also work with the 8500/7500/TV Wonder remote (which makes sense, since all four remotes are one and the same, and manufactured for ATI by X10 Products).

I have the 8500DV, and am using the RW 1.1 drivers/software with no problems.
Follow the instructions that come with the remote. If you are installing 1.1 over 1.0 MAKE SURE the 1.1 drivers are GONE as Windows (at least XP) seems to want to hang on to the old (unsigned) drivers rather than using the newer (signed) drivers.

That's one way to tell, if you go into "My Computer" device manager, etc... the Remote Wonder drivers should be "signed". If not you have the wrong ones installed.