Diamond TV Wonder 650 USB Combo drivers are a bust


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Someone suggested i post here instead of the cataylyst driver forum, so here goes

I'm running Windows Vista x64 on my laptop
I bought the TV Wonder 650 USB (so i could swap it between PC's depending where i am)

When i install the driver, it says its completed, then i go to the install directory and its EMPTY

this happens with the ones off the CD, and the latest off the website

Im not sure what to do here, since it says it installs to "C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies

No start menu shortcuts get added

Now ive seen on many websites and forums that ATI makes the most atrocious drivers out there, but they wont even install...and this is their latest

I also have a Win 7 PRo x64 system, and ATI doesnt even list Windows 7 on their site, so will this be another return back to the store or is there a solution

Edit: Tried it on Windows 7 x64 and get a blank folder as well.
Edit #2: Tried drivers off Diamond's site, which blue screen my PC when i go to setup TV in Windows Media center, and then the blue screen has an ATI DLL file listed. I also cant get any software to watch tv from ati to install.

Tried XPx32, Vistax64, 7x64. I need to get this working by saturday :( And would like the Vista and 7 systems to run it, as the XP system is nowhere near where ill need it and is very old.
I had one of those also made by diamond, mine was nothing but problems to get working and then after I got it working, my system crashed one day while watching tv (probably due to the tuner and crap drivers) and after rebooting it was no longer recognized by my system. I tried it in 3 different computers running 3 different OS's and none will recognize it. I can't get any reply from Diamond in regards to RMA.
A few days after it died, Hauppauge had one on sale so I picked it up cause I don't have a tv, my computer is my tv....It hasn't given me on issue. Ive had 3 different ATI tuners over the years and every one was hasstle in one way or another. I've learned my lesson, Hauppauge earned my business with a quality product unlike ATI's ability when it comes to tv tuners.