Delta Force Hawk Point


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Looks to be a spiritual successor to the old Novalogic games. I played BHD and Joint Ops for over 10 years back in the day. The remaster of Black Hawk Down maps looks good but some vids seem a warmed over COD game. Remains to be seen if they can make something modern with the vast maps the previous games had. Free to play has some misgivings right off the bat as well, tho being this is from Tencent it shouldnt be a low budget outing.
I didn't play a lot of Delta Force back in the day, but I thought the games were much more tactical? This looks like "we have COD at home" hyperactivity.
Not as tactical as Arma but moreso than COD imo. I expect things to change up a bit due the huge time lag since the last game came out in 2004 but I hope they keep it simple as a shooter. The charm of DF was its natural organic way the gameplay evolved with large maps and large number of players. up to 150 on a map.
man i remeber playing one of the earlier delta force games and getting smoked from like 500m, good times