dell cpx 500mhz with mobility m1

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Hi im new to the forum. :D I just bought a dell latitude cpx pentium III 500mhz with ati mobility m1 from ebay($200 bucks aint bad ehh?). i know alot about about desktop pc's but when it comes to laptops im clueless :confused:. Im still strying to decide what OS im going to install on it. i allready have XP on my PC and performance of xp on this laptop will probably suck. im trying to decide which OS to load. win 98, or win 2000. Which one will give me better fps in games? which one has better vid drivers? IS there openGL support? direct3d? which drivers should i use? Is quake 3 possible on it? ANY suggestions or answers to my questions will be GREATLY appreciated. :cool:
:lol: games... :lol: 500mhz is really pushing it... you MIGHT be able to run Jedi Knight, IIRC, it ran on a 400 MHZ PC. Starcraft may work too. as well as the DIablos.

Quake 3 can run at 25FPS with 500mhz and a voodoo3. an m1, i'd say it wont be pretty. :(
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My site will answer all your questions... but here goes..
Windows 98 with M6.12.12 driver.
OpenGL and D3d are supported.
Quake 3 works well enough.
Yes, BigZ's website is your best resource:

But don't expect miracles with that video chipset. You could probably get Unreal Tournament '99 running on it at 640x480 resolution... but I wouldn't try any games newer that that.

$200 is a great price for a PIII laptop though :up:

I paid $350 for my Dell PIII 750 with Rage Mobility 128. :D
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Well, I tested yesterday my old dell inspiron 3800 (now almost cpxj) with ATi M1 and PIII 650MHz. Software rendering in UT (patch 4.36) is definitely FASTER than D3D, and OpenGL is not working. Resolution 640x480, drivers M12.12 or sth. (form BigZ page). I tried to run Descent 3 - to slow to play. Quake 2 with resonable setings is playable, but not too fast. Well, it seems we could play old cRGP or RTS without 3D acceleration, but no more.
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