Death by USB


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I went out and got me a shiney new Remote Wonder to go with my TV Wonder card. Mind you the TV Wonder does what it is supposed to do - play TV on my computer screen, not anything more than that - but, that is OK and fule for another subject.
So I got my remote, did everything it told me, and it worked like a charm, cool, love it - I wish the mouse could move faster(yes, I adjusted it all the way up) - it needs a slow 3 seconds then *fast* move sort of set-up I think. I like the unit itself, nice heft, the buttons feel great, I really wish I could make it the universal remote for the TV/VCR/etc/etc. Yes, I like the feel of it that much.
But he is the issue,. I shut my WinXP down for some reason and on reboot it just died, reboot, die, reboot, die. Arg. I unplugged the sending unit - and lo and behold, it boots up fine (Whew! time to back up!!). Weird, I think, so after all is normal again, I plug in the sending unit again, and !BAM! drops me all the way down to rePOSTing. Huh? My comp manages to get close to my desktop and you can hear the noise of a usb device going in....coming out...going in...coming out (x3 I think) - then !BAM! back down to the POST I go. I let it play this game a few times, unplug the sender and - it boots just fine again.
So, anybody have any ideas? I have only one other usb device a Nostromo n52 game pad. Other than that it is a fairly simple Athlon 1800+ 512 RAM, WinXPSP1, Nvid 440, on a ECS K7S5A main board. Like I said, I really like this thing, I would love to get it to work.

My guess is that it might be:

A PSU issue in which your PSU (power supply unit) is a little stressed and over taxed


A USB driver / root hub driver/ mobo BIOS issue.

If it is the former rather then the latter you can try unplugging your Belkin Nostromo n52 and an additional internal device to see if the problem persists. The idea here being, that if you lighten the load the system will be more stable.

Or, if it is the latter,..

You can try upgrading the motherboards BIOS and driver set

And finally, you can be sure that you are using the latest drivers for the RW.

Good luck!