Deadpool & Wolverine


Keeping an open mind
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Low expectations... but I hope this is ends up fun :)

*Just a heads up from the start... remember to use spoiler tags for stuff as needed as the thread ages*
Loved the first two, hope this one's good. With the TVA involved i suspect theres gonna be a lot of cameos due to the multiverse time jumping.
The only marvel related thing i've been excited about in a few years now.
Far from all bangers. From phase 5 I've liked 2 of the released movies and 2, or 3?, of the series so far. Really hoping this nails it and the next Cap and Thunderbolts movies are also at least a good ride. But I'm keeping my expectations nice and low :lol:
Anyone notice at the part where deadpool says "lets ****ing gooo!!!" (right before the shot of Wolverine saying it) it looks like he's pep-talking to a group of people? Im gonna wager a guess that due to the rumored multiple deadpool variants showing up (dogpool makes an appearance in the trailer liking deadpool with wolverine looking in disgust, ladypool is supposedly gonna be in it, and there was a leaked pic of ryan reynolds with a samurai style either young deadpool or samurai deadpool) , thats who he's talking to.