DDR4 16GB to 64GB slows down AMD 3600


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I recently upgraded from 2x8GB 3600mhz CL16-16-16-36 to 2x32GB CL16-19-19-39 and noticed a performance drop when running Shadow of the tomb raider benchmark, it went from 87% GPU bound to 31% GPU bound.

I have tried running the benchmark multiple times, rebooting, flashing to the latest bios with exact same setting loaded, the result is the same.

I ran 4k with ultra settings, frame rate stays at 60fps with vsync on, on Gigabyte X570 Elite Wifi, AMD 3600, RTX3090.

Is it normal to have a slower CPU performance with a larger RAM size? or is it the timing? should I upgrade to 5800X3D?
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Just noticed DLSS was on for some reason, turned it off and now 70% GPU bound, perhaps the new bios is not optimized for AMD 3600...........