Damn it, my DVD playback sucks



I just Got my Retail-Radeon, and all installed OK, using Cd drivers...

I installed ATI-cimemaster DVD, and the playback blows, It was way(to grainy, and oddly the color saturation was so bad, areas where two colors met ( anime DVD) where sparkling with colorful static. I ran (PI, its B&W) and it was full of artifacts, and had blothes everywhere ?.

I think it funny cause my old ATI rage pro ran under software decoding cleaner than this ?

Any suggestions ?

BTW: I did a full clean install of the OS,

cusl2 bios (orignal)
IBM ata-100 30g
WINTV card
PCI winmodem
have you tried under clocking it back to 700?
also make sure you have DMA enabled on the DVD drive.
Yes, both OS and MB confirm DMA is on.

Is there way to change settings in Cinemaster ?. It lacks user interface or any config utility. I can't even chech to see if its even using Hardware decoding.
Yes, Get DVDGenie from just about any DVD web site(I belive http://www.dvdutils.com/ has a copy of it.) or just do a web search of Dvd Genie.

It lets you customize many options of just about every DVD player out there for your computer.

YEs, I did all that, installed 3054 drivers.

got me a copy of DVD Genie. PI is ok now, but the anime is still too colorful.

(ever use your TV, and set your color sat so high, and everything has a halo around it)

BTW, how would you guys configure DVDGenie ?
I don't see Radeon, and closest I guess is Rage 128.

Also you think the prob may use playing at 1600x1200x32

You answered your own question I think. 1600x1200x32 is alot to chew on. Why not try 1024x768? At that res your refresh will be higher and maybe your problems will cease. Personaly I run at 800x600 or 1024x768 for DVD. I dont see the advantage of playing a DVD at 1600x1200 as I cant notice much difference at lower res.