Cyberpunk 2077

Visited the ripper doc and added some bags on this girl. Doing gigs until Phantom Liberty releases. Already added like 3 levels by pumping idiots with lead. My body is ready.
The update even improved performance and now I am pumping about 84 fps in the bench plus running around w/ full path ray tracing at 4K like a boss. Dope af game. Cars still disappear in the distance and same things happen to people. Pisses me off to no end but my new smart targeting pistol keeps pumping headshots and venom farts to poision idiots in seconds. I am so OP it isn't even funny. :D.
Gotta say, the path tracing and ray reconstruction really do kick the visuals up a notch in certain scenarios (steam/fog for one) and make for a more compelling scene.

Enjoyed the cops actually trying to take me down when things went sideways and needing to make a real run for it.

Traffic seems more real now.

Haven't gotten to Phantom Liberty yet.
Been playing with the patch... it's very good. I like it. Last time around I was a hacker/sniper. This time I'm getting in people's faces with a shotgun, a lot of health and armor. Frankly, having an easier time of it on certain fights like the cyberpsychos. I appreciate the replenishing Health/Grenades... I actually use them now. I have a mental hangup about using consumables. Silly, but there it is.

Haven't yet initiated the Phantom Liberty expansion. I think I see how to get it started though. Soon and looking forward to it. I've heard it's the best part of the whole game.
I think I am progressing in this one nicely. Doesn’t seem like a very long expansion. Maybe only about 7-8 hours in.
Article I read said 17-18 hrs for tghe dlc. Might include the wrapup to the main storyline though (as I'm to understand there's an extra ending added if you complete phantom liberty.)
Boned through the main of Phantom Liberty. Took me about 10-12 hours or some such. Hit level 51. There is still a matter of running dogtown and doing some gigs and stuff. I think I got the right ending. Was dope af expansion but $30 was too much for asking price. I think 20-25$ is more like it in terms of content. But then again most games today are 10 hours and they want 60 smokes (I am looking at Dead Space and Callisto Protocol). Compared to that this thing preem.
The car stealing and other gigs that were added (not just in dogwood) may account for the differences. The timed car steals seem impossible. I am not the best driver but floored seems like they will always take another 1-2 minutes to complete.

With really cranked chrome feeling pretty invincible at this point. Good armor, mitigation and healing factor.. The time slowdown cyberware never kicks in at the 25% pt.

Good Times, choom.
Well, the level cap was raised another 10 pts for one, and Dogtown has some iconic cyberware on the black market that is truly OP compared to the normal stuff. The downside is a HUGE cyberware slot requirement, but with a high enough Tech level, that becomes doable... you aren't going to be able to use a ton of it by dabbling.

Built differently this time around than last, so can't say for sure how things would fair using the previous playstyle. But yeah, probably with the 2.0 build the older style would probably still be kickin butt even without Phantom Liberty.

After feeling godlike for a bit, maybe I'll crank the difficulty up one notch. :)
I don't think I ever felt shooters were really hard (except maybe Returnal or some such) and Cyberpunk was cheat mode from day 1 due to smart pistols and stuff. However, I think what they have done is improve the AI so it is actually fun. Note that AI is still shit compared to many games.
I find it easy and fun. Not much of a challenge even without upgrading to the max. Tech and Smart weapons seem like cheat codes. I stick with Power for more traditional gunplay. Stealth seems pointless as you miss out on all the loot you get by killing 50 gonks.
The tech in the 2.0 update is really impressive. This video is just a walk around Night City. Really amazing:

It is, but its also something i cant experience with my poor ass 3070, that cost more than a 3090 at release (cause i had to buy it during the "event").