CSM on motherboard


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I need some sagely advice here.
I currently have an ASUS x570 motherboard with my old RX580. I've found the only way to get a Setup screen/prompt is to turn on this CSM (Compatibility Support Module).
Due to a currently REALLY good price on the ASRock 6700XT I now have one on the way to replace the 580.
My question is. Should I disable this CSM or just leave it enabled when I replace the vidcard?

My intention here is to grab the latest 6700 drivers, use DDU to remove/clean and shutdown. Change the vid card, enter startup and disable the CSM or just leave it?

Thanks for any help. I don't need any issues doing this. :nag:
Id see what works but any such settings shouldnt affect performance imo. PCIE4 should be perfectly backwards compat with with PCIE3 gpus... Id def run the latest bios on the mobo tho.
Thanks, for you confidence.
Yup, have latest BIOS.

p.s sorry about double post (I'm try to delete it, little slow responding around here.:nag: