CrossfireX causing BSOD


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I have been running CrossfireX okay on my system. I had vista and upgraded to Windows 7 build 7068. Had no issues crossfire was running fine. I had to replace one of the X2's that I was running. I installed it today and when I logged in I got the bsod. I removed the drivers and rebooted. I installed 9.3 and it booted fine. Everything was working until I enabled crossfireX in the ccc. Then the bsod again. Everytime I enable it I get a bsod. Any ideas other than rebuilding my system? I also noticed that windows update keeps wanting to install its own ati driver. None of this was going on before I had to change out the card.
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No the bioses were the same. It turned out the replacement card was bad. With just it installed I got a bsod everytime I installed the driver.