Creative will die a slow and horrible death...


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i think if you look at any hardware company, creative is by far the worst driver support known to man. the 5.1 cards are loaded with bugs, and they've yet to release any new drivers. and these have been out for something like a year now.

they had great ideas, and a good lead on the market, but they are making some pretty stupid moves, and now philips and guilemont are making kick ass cards, and there is no way creative is going to buy them out like they did with Aureal. guilemont is already releasing beta drivers for their card, and philips has released new drivers. and these cards have been out for a fraction of the time as the Live cards.

and no, i didn't forget turtle beach, i just know nothing about them, except that you get the same features as a live 5.1, for much cheaper.


Oh man u'r so right!!!

A agree totally!!

i will get my hercules card next wensday can't wait:D

I hate creative...They will not loan techsites anything and they will not release ANY Updated drivers.....If you visit my site you will notice that I have NO creative stuff their...and thats the way I want it :)
I have to agree with you guys, my 1024 sucks big time, drivers and support are almost nil, i'm switching when i've got the money to something else ( i'm sure we'll get some recommendations shortly...............
Creative seemed to be good to me years ago. They were updating drivers on a fairly regular basis. Of course, they had recently brought out the Live! series of sound cards and still had graphics cards on the market. Now that Creative's gotton out of the graphics market where can they go? There's basically no use for any new sound cards because the current ones do everything you need. Just like the current drop in computer-related sales Creative is going down. I hope they don't collapse. I still remember how impressed I was the first time I ditched a crap soundcard for my new AWE jaw dropped. I had the same feeling when I got my SB Live! Where does sound go from here?
Creative was good...about four years ago! Back then they were the best tech and the drivers really didn't need work at all. Man times have changed...
Where does sound go from here?

The bad part of sound is that it's a two way street! You have to have good speakers to get good sound, and the sound card has to have the ability to produce to the sound in the good speakers.

As far as the where does sound go from here question is fairly simple! Bigger and BETTER! I mean if you look at reviews of the SBLive! and user's opinions, then you will find out that people aren't satisfied with it! The EAX on the Live! cards takes almost a 30% CPU hit, which is ridiculous! Especially when the Game Theatre is only about 5%!!!! Creative needs to shape up! And I think that's the ONE thing that everyone can agree about.. ;)

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now i think it is funny if you go to tech websites you will see the creative cards scoring better than the competions atleast 4 times out of 5 plus when i bought my creative cards, all i ahve in my house i bought compatability. now i also bought all intel for the same reason and guess what i ahve no problems no so called bugs.... guess it was just intelligent purchases. And it's not over yet they can still ecover because by that smae logic ATI is dead..... but no ati will never die right? lol people are funny.
STill, Creative hasent released any new drivers for the LIVE for a year now. I think they can improve the card some more, because it is so-called reprogrammable. They can throw a lot of stuff in there. And EAX3.0 was announced already, yet isnt used......

But, again, i dont have any problems with my live card. SO I dont really have anything to complain about. Just that i could use a good set of 4.1 speakers.
>now i think it is funny if you go to tech websites you will see the creative cards scoring better than the competions atleast 4 times out of 5

Maybe a year ago, not anymore.
Sure soundcard companies can tweak their cards to use very little CPU power and throw in a few extra effects and whatnot but I really can't see sound growing in leaps and bounds like it did before. We're starting to reach the limits that the ears can really use. There's no point in a soundcard that does 1024 voices (when is that even touched?)...I don't know. I'm sure there will be things i haven't thought of but I can't see sound taking a huge technical leap anytime soon.
The 1024 voices is useful because some instruments will use several of these to produce the correct sound. So if a few instruments use 3 or 4 voices each is do not take to many to use up 1024 voices.

I have owned an SBLive 1024 Value and now the SBLive 5.1. I have had no problems with this card or with it's performance.

I am peeved that there has not been a driver release for a long time, but if you read the creative news groups it seems they are trying to put a lot of new features into the next release.

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