Create program to read excel file and paste it into form fields




Ok so this is the problem: I have an excel file full of variables and i want to get these variables into an application running on my pc.
how do i create a script/program/macro to get 1 row in excel take all variables and paste them into the program?

Any suggestions,
I dont know how it is easiest to approach this. A macro would be really easy but im not sure it allows for pasting outside of excel.

if you want to paste the values into another microsoft program, or one that supports activex, then use that.
else, you would have to use some 3rd party program as an interface to read the excel values.
the easiest way would be to convert the file to a csv file (comma delimited) and read that in using a tokenizer.
what program do you want the values put into, and can it actually run a decent macro?