crappiest remote ever dont buy this pos

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with every windows installation I use this mofo wont work it, one time it worked when I bought it but after that it only got me problems and im really sick of it, itried so many times that I wont even describe it :bleh:
and the 2.5 drivers are nowhere to get

ati stick with videocards plz :hmm:
Which Remote Wonder?

If it's the Plus, use the 3.01 drivers. The range is drastically decreased from the 3.02 drivers...but at least it doesn't type in a number 3 times when you just tap the button.
I have to agree with everything you said. I can't tell you how many hours I have wasted on this remote. I had it working great for about a year, decided to update my sound card drivers and every problem listed in this forum hit me and even with all this help I have everything but the remote working again not counting the sound delay described elsewhere that I did not have before.

If you care to download the 2.5 drivers I found them on the ATI website:
That link will get you in the neighborhood. Look for the "previous drivers" area for your remote and you will find older drivers to download. Look in the column on the left, way down the list for remote wonder.

The ATI website is just as hard to use as their %#$@ All-In-Wonder-full products. Why can't they supply a small software package to correctly identify your ATI product etc. before you download garbage that doesn't work anyway? Why can't their total uninstall software completely clean up your computer for a good re-install?
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ah yea thx i tried them few days ago with no luck
hell it seems like some drivers make hardware adjustments wich causes them to break down :hmm: :lol:

ah well its good to kno someone agrees with me :bleh:
and yea their site suxx0rs bigtime :nuts:
try remote wonder II??? thing is amazing.......i love it....

seems like some people's configs just arent kosher with ATI remote systems unfortunately.... :bleh:

.....what is ur system btw
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