Confused, ATI DVD, Radeon, SB Live, need guidance


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Well I have a new 5:1 receiver set up with the SB live, and I would like to know just a bit on how to get AC3 working with ATI DVD.

I have been reading posts about how ATI DVD can do the decoding using AC3 passthrough enabled with DVD Genie.

My question is this: With a SB Live original- do I just need to use the SPDIF Audio Cable from the DVD to the Live and then enable SPDIF in the Live and in DVD Genie?

Or do I need to install that little add-on card that came with my live that has SPDIF in and out Jack and plug something into that?

I am so confused
Dolby Digital can only be sent through a digital cable, so if i'm not mistaken your version of the Live only has the SPDIF out on the daughter card. I believe the daughter card has a Coaxial SPDIF connection, so you need to purchase a Coxial Digital cable and use that to connect between your soundcard and reciever. Then all you need to do is make sure your Digital out is enabled, then configure DVD Genie for your soundcard.
Thanks very much!

So if I understand correctly I need to purchase a Coxial Digital cable and then run it from the receiver to the daughtercard SPDIF Out


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Also What if somebody does not have the daughtercard? My bud has a SbLive without the add on card. He also has a receiver. Is there any way for him to get AC3 sound just by using the SPDIF audio cable from the DVD drive to the Live and then use the software?

Or do you absolutely need the daughtercard?

Correct, you just need to run the Coxial cable from your daughter cards SPDIF out to your recievers SPDIF in.

As far as I know you cannot get Dolby Digital through the DVD-ROM's digital out. However, depending on which model of the Live your friend has, it might already have a SPDIF ouput. If your friends SB Live is the MP3/X-gamer version, or a recently made Value version, it might already have a SPDIF output on the back of the card. However if its the older model, he would either have to buy an aftermarket daughter card which has SPDIF output, or a new soundcard with a SPDIF output.
I think he meant: Can you output the DVD [PC internal] directly to the ATI, then out using SPDIF part of ATI AIW output 'dongle' - and still get AC3?

I hope so. Can't tell from manuals or tracing circuits. Unfortunately the word 'karoke' is mentioned in the manuals. I had thought 'Rage Theater' implied DD.

Anyway these signals should actually be going over the PCI buss internally. What I wanted was a SPDIF output to save a slot on my board [on board sound].

There is a feature connector on the PC board soldered over - has links to about everthing. AC3 HAS to be somewhere on the board