Concerns with "Boomer" father and some firearms


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My father came to visit recently and among the many things we talked about, he expressed concern with the way things in the world are going (Israel, Ukraine, etc.). His solution: Get his guns out of storage to have them on hand in case the s**t hits the fan. He lives in a small, southern Ontario town where pretty much nothing happens, ever. Now, my father and I have had our issues over the years, and honestly I'm not really concerned about anything except that if he has a "senior moment" with firearms, someone who doesn't deserve it might be injured or killed. He has an up to date RPAL, so he owns both a rifle and a handgun legally, and has a clean criminal record, and he was in the military in his youth (long story, short enlistment). It's just that he's in his mid-70's and getting kind we say. I don't know of any way to express my concerns to anyone in authority, or if that's even an avenue I should be investigating.

Insights? Advice?
Maybe you can ask the RCMP or OPP to retest him for his license? I did the same for some in my family who got dangerous behind the wheel in their 70's. Frustrating to see they wouldnt give up their drivers license of their own accord...
This will sound really dumb..... But here I go. Most Boomers say stuff but will not do anything.
I had a relative that acted the same way.
I took the mandatory gun course with them where they passed with no problem,
They had guns and hunted previously as a youth.
They bought a few guns, some ammo and a gun case.
They would take them out and handle them and put them back in the gun safe.
Honestly I think it is a sense of security for them.
I don't see a problem as long as everything is legal and stored correctly.
When the first other "senior moment" happens like drivers his licence is taken away or other significant things like that happen that's when I would be concerned.
My 2 cents.