Compn't Vid out on Radeon need Tuner Card?



Can the Radeon cards with Component video drive a HDTV at above 800X600? or does it need the Tuner card?
Far as i know, it has everything it needs onboard. Maybe they'll specifically release a chip that doesn't so as to make an AIW version, but i doubt that. ATI's been good when it comes to multimedia
You need a seperate tuner for the board that ATI will release but there is not enough demand for it yet.
Yea not a lot of people use HDTV yet, maybe a HDTV tuner will come out late this year or early next year.
thanks for all the replies, but perhaps I did not state the question correctly..I have a TV with Component Video input. IF I attached the Radeon to the the TV (Via component video) can I get above 800x600 resolution at 16bit?