Comparison: Remote Wonder vs Remote Wonder II

Well, there's the totally new design and button layout. I guess that will be more of a matter of personal preference, but I like it. It looks much sleeker than the RWI and has a better feel to it. The cursor control for the mouse is much better. It's easier to move it where you want. You don't have to apply a lot of pressure at all.

The rest of the remote is functionally the same as the RWI in terms of what it does. The one new feature added is the addition of four AUX buttons. You can assign different apps to each of these buttons. This allows you to control the given app w/ the remote even if it is not in focus simply by pressing the AUX button associated w/ it. Something I always wanted to be able to do. :) It's very useful, but feels a bit buggy w/ the current release of the software. Hopefully, it will get better w/ newer versions.

I can't comment much on range improvements. It gets the exact same range as my RWI, which suggest to me that some other source of interference is present.

The new receiver unit is nice. It's a bit big, but it will not fall over or tip like the RWI does which I like. It's much more stable and easier to stand up in weird nooks and crannies. It also has two holes/connectors on the back. I'm trying to figure out what you hook up to those, but I don't know yet.

Here's my bottom line: other than the improved mouse movement and AUX feature, the RWI and RWII are pretty much identical from a functionality standpoint. If you're considering it on this basis, there is not much new to go on here if you are happy w/ your RWI. From an ergonomic/design perspective, I think the RWII is a big improvement over the RWI. It looks more at home w/ the rest of my remotes and just has a much better feel to it when you use it. It seems to up the ante more in this department.

I don't think it has too many new tricks over the RWI. It felt like I was doing the same stuff w/ it pretty fast, so I would hold out on any expectations in that area. It is very nice though from a usability point of view.