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Discuss demo coding... game coding... any kind of graphics related coding in this forum. Got questions about a pixel shader implementation, or simply have something cool to show off? talk about it here. The good folks at ATI Research have agreed to provide input where appropriate.

This forum will be heavily moderated. Any posts that do not belong here will be moved or deleted.

Thanks so much for this forum :D I'm really new to coding 3d stuff and it seems like there are alot of people here with great experience. I hope I can learn something :(. Coding does not come naturally to me. Keep up the good work.
Hey guys...the ATI 3D Application Research Group and Developer Relations will be here in this forum to help you out with application development questions, but please be aware that off-topic posts will not be addressed. In fact, such threads in this forum will be moved or deleted. We're more than willing to help with development issues (that's our job) but let's all try and keep this a high-bandwidth forum where coders of all levels can gather to productively discuss 3D graphics development on ATI's products.

Hopefully we will see a few other well known faces (or aliases anyway :) ) from the dev comunity here as well.
I always wanted to make a start in DirectX/OpenGL coding, I guess now is a good time to start :)
Now I know some C++, Java, Object Pascal, XML.... I hope that is a good base to start from.