Clear QAM, ATi 650, Fiji; confusion


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Sorry to post up if this has been answered, but some searching has only taught me how little I understand this stuff. :embarrased:

I'm playing with an ATi Theatre 650 in Bubbles right now and I've got it working pretty well in Media Center using Fiji, but it lacks an awful lot of channels that I can get through the latest Catalyst Media Center....but CMC takes literally minutes to go into TV mode for me and it just seems clunky.

Is there any way to add HD channels to Media Center? Right now I have all my regular cable channels and also the HD alternatives for the big 4-5 channels or so along with their 2-3 sub-channels...but I'm lacking important stuff like Sci Fi channel and Noggin! :hmm:

Any help would be most gratefully appreciated, what works on this card just works awesome for me...I just want to make it do a lil more. ;)
If I recall correctly its something like:

Settings => TV => Guide => Add Channels

I can check to be sure and then get back to you but it’s a repetitive task if you receive a lot of channels so be warned. I receive about ~130 QAM channels in the clear (down from over 140+). You will likely have to assign channel names in order to receive guide data.

BTW, encrypted QAM channels will have a lock next to them on the far right so you know to skip them when you're adding channels.


OK, you can add channels in the “Edit Channels” list as pictured here:,1205,l=&a=232609&po=9,00.asp

If you click on a channel and the channels is functional you should see a translucent image of the channel through the blue background or something like that. In many cases no channel name will be given for channels not automatically setup in the guide.

If you haven’t seen it already you can checkout the:

Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008: The Unofficial User's Guide

It might be helpful but then again maybe not ;)
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Anyone else have their problems with Fiji disappear with the cat 8.11s? I was watching it last night and noticed I couldn't get it to freak out/crash/hang by jumping backwards and forwards....HEAVEN!!! :D

I also reset up my tuner last night too though, so I'm not sure which did it.