Noli timere messorem
not sure where to put it. Anyway.. here's wonderw... nah

Amaze-balls chrome experiment lets you battle stormtroopers using your phone as a lightsaber.


In the end of the simulation, which was developed by Disney for use in the Chrome browser, you get to fight TR-8R (whappity whappity). Simply click this link: and follow the instructions from there. The whole experience takes less than ten minutes, but it'll be ten minutes of bliss for any Star Wars fan. Seriously, check it out.
Ok that's pretty sweet, I wonder how it's communicating, pretty much low latency too.

edit: though you really should have posted it in off topic, or somewhere where there's no skeletons laying about.
well, it's mobile.....and browser ....and i dunno. Feel free to move it if you think it better be in off topic