Chrome acting like a pig

Yeah, it works fine in Firefox (Waterfox) too. It might be time to ditch Chrome and go back to Firefox.

Which is funny, because I ditched Firefox in favor of Chrome not long ago due to performance issues. :hmm:
Once I looked into Chromium code for animations, and here's what they're doing: they decode all GIF frames in memory once, but but only when the decoded size in less then 5 megabytes.

For longer animations (more than 5 megabytes decoded size) they delete all frames to save the memory. So for the next loop they start from scratch: allocating memory again, decoding the GIF, freeing memory again, and so on.

And they keep doing it for every loop.
Only reason why I switched to Chrome a few years ago was because Firefox was getting too bloated and slow. Now it just looks like it's Chrome's turn.
The latest Firefox(Waterfox) stuff I've tried is pretty quick.
HTML5 playback in Youtube is a bit glitchy still, but I'm liking Firefox again.

Besides, the animated gif thread loads much quickly and smoothly.
Chrome wasn't slow like that up until recently.
Try disabling "predict network actions" or whatever it's called under settings > advanced settings > privacy

It helps speed some things up.
As most of you chrome totally fails on that page and many other pages that have gifs. IE and FF breeze through it without issues. I tried chrome in incognito and it seems better, but still miserably slow compared to other browsers. Ive even tried bare bones chrome, no ext or plugins...same results.
Firefox. I'm using the nightly. They're finally rolling out their multiprocess support. Definitely still buggy and has performance issues, but even this is enough.
I'm glad I stumbled across this thread. I thought my pc had contracted a virus or something. Chrome is just crapping the bed with animated gifs and large gifs in general.
Chrome seems back to normal for me. I will have to get used to the new bookmark style, but its not bad so far! :D

So you are saying that Chrome loads everything quickly on the above posted link?(Page 995 of the anim-gif thread)
What version are you running?