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Are you using chat gpt?

This thing is insane. It really helps you a lot to think through some strategic and operational aspects. Very helpful in day to day. It even writes performance reviews of employees. :lol:

Just downright ridiculous. Are you using it? And for what purposes?
Sometimes I feel like there's no way a human isn't involved in coming up with responses for certain things. It's unnerving.
It is actually amazing to use. Especially at work I am finding it as a way to remember the structures for things I know about but of course I miss point 6 or 7 but Chat GPT is great to remind me of it. Similarly, it is great for writing employee performance reviews lol. I also used it to create storyline for a leadership document. Revised my whole LinkedIn using it etc.

I am surprised not enough people have gotten on the bandwagon. For developers, it can also create test cases and/or proof read your code for potential bugs (especially if you work in Python, Java etc.). Dope af.
For software devs (beginners and advanced) this is a great tool.

Here, ChatGPT can "virtualize" itself into an SQL server, by following simple context thread:

My boss was playing with this one day and asked me to input a question. I told him to input "how do you change a lightbulb?" And the program crashed lol.
Yea.. used it for educational stuff a bit. Not too bad.. but yea , I really think people blew this way our of proportion.
As a teacher I sometimes use it to generate a quick lesson plan or activity for whatever topic. Of course I'll flesh it out and tweak it a bit but the bulk chatGPT does for me.

The other day I was also wondering what the difference is between a teepee and a wigwam. ChatGPT gave me a full explanation.

And also a couple of evenings ago I also got this random question in my mind ... Why do women wear thongs? This was the answer.

Women wear thongs for various reasons, as personal preferences and cultural norms can influence individual choices. Here are some common reasons why women choose to wear thongs:
  1. Minimizing visible panty lines: Thongs have minimal fabric and a narrow strip at the back, making them less likely to create visible lines under tight-fitting clothing like leggings or bodycon dresses.
  2. Enhanced confidence: Some women feel more confident and comfortable wearing thongs because they eliminate the worry of visible panty lines, allowing them to feel more at ease in form-fitting outfits.
  3. Sensual and intimate apparel: Thongs are often associated with lingerie and intimate wear. Women may choose to wear thongs to feel sexy, alluring, or to enhance intimate moments with their partners.
  4. Personal comfort: While thongs may not be comfortable for everyone, some women find them comfortable due to their minimal coverage and lack of fabric bunching up or riding up during movement.
  5. Fashion and style: Thongs are available in various designs, colors, and materials, allowing women to express their personal style and preferences. Some women may choose to wear thongs as a fashion statement or to match their outfit.
It's important to note that the decision to wear thongs or any other type of underwear is a personal choice, and different individuals may have their own reasons for wearing or not wearing them. Ultimately, what matters is that each person feels comfortable and confident in their choice of undergarments.

ChatGPT can also tell some good jokes ...

Why don't scientists trust atoms?

Because they make up everything!

Why don't skeletons fight each other?

They don't have the guts!

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