channel buttons ignored?? IR hack question as well


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I treid out the remote wonder packaged with my 8500DV under Win2000, but the channel buttons don't seem to do anything. The mouse pointer moves around, I can click on things, change volume, and a couple other things worked, but the tv channels won't change. I got the 1.2 remote software update, no help. Does this thing work completely for anyone under 2000?

Also, I'd really prefer an IR remote, so I can program my universal to do all this stuff. Is there an IR hack to convert the RW from RF to IR? Or is there an IR remote out there that works with MMC well?

Thanks for your time and suggestions on this.
same here

same here

i'm having the exact same problem.

AIW 8500DV
Catalyst 2.1 6094
08/26/02 release of Audigy drivers
MMC without DVD

changing the channels worked before i loaded up the new audigy drivers and MMC... i loaded the new drivers to get the volume to start changing with the remote... can't have everything I suppose. :P
Gave up on ATI

Gave up on ATI

I gave up on this. I've wasted 3 or 4 months now fighting to get ATI's multimedia center usable, went through 4 motherboards, 3 CPUs, and 2 sound cards, trying to get recording to work. Downloaded ShowShifter last night, it records great, and works great with the ATI remote as well. Not sure what they did right that ATI broke with the remote part, but at least I now have a real-life usable capture environment with good remote support...
just use girder (download girder and ati plug-in)and you will have access to all buttons on the remote, you can program it what ever you like it, worked for me, no more programming :-))), works like a charm under windows xp and 2000, don’t know for windows 9x newer tried, bye.
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