Changed rooms and now bass is weak


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This is regarding my desktop PC's 2.1 audio setup which consists of 2 x JBL LSR305 monitors and 1 x JBL LSR310S subwoofer.

In my previous room, the setup was in this order: <subwoofer> <computer desk> <tower PC> <dressing table>

In the new room, the setup is in this order: <dressing table> <subwoofer> <computer desk> <tower PC>

Basically, in the previous room the subwoofer was in a corner. In the new room, the subwoofer is pretty much mid-wall (the subwoofer was/is nearfield in both rooms as everything is along one wall).

I tried playing with the polarity switch (which cycles between 0 degrees and 180 degrees) and feel (maybe) that the midbass is very so slightly stronger with the switch at 0 degrees.

I could switch the placement of the tower PC and subwoofer in the new room which would place the subwoofer in the corner but I prefer having the tower PC on the right side due to the window on the case.

Any suggestions? Even though the subwoofer was/is right next to me in both rooms, the previous room's corner placement resulted in very strong bass. Bass is quite significantly weaker in the new room. Maybe I was just getting "boomy" bass in the previous room due to corner placement? Don't know but it definitely sounded good (i.e. not boomy).
Corner-loading a subwoofer will increase its output due to room gain. If you can swing corner placement again in the new room I'd do it.
Switched the positions of the tower PC and subwoofer. Subwoofer is in a corner again and bass is back to normal.