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Got Feedback? ATI Catalyst Crew Feedback

ATI strives to continually improve our drivers and software and we invite you to tell us how. If you are experiencing a problem with our latest driver release, or if you have suggestions on how to make our drivers better, please take the time to submit your feedback.

This program is intended to gather feedback for specific driver releases and not to solicit regular support inquiries. This is NOT the location for support for your product. Support requests will NOT be responded to.

Submissions to the Catalyst Crew Feedback will NOT be responded to.

If you have an issue that requires a technical response, please contact Customer Care.

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updated link to form
quite shocked Arma 3 and DayZ isn't in that survay, yet obsolete Arma 2 is (hell Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead replaced it years ago)
most likely the list is made from the most common complaints.

There is a place for "Other"

Besides, you guys arent exactly an indie, dont you have a direct line to AMD?
Is there any way of reporting problems to AMD other than signing up with Twitter to personally bug AMD developers on their feed? One would think they would have a Bugzilla of some sort or at least a bug report form somewhere, alas.. I don't know why I'm even surprised that they don't have one, really.
Is there a possibilty/platform to request for features in Radeonsettings?
Some DX12 games failing in enable anisotropic filtering like Far Cry6, some AC games and Death Stranding.

Currently anisotropic filtering can't be overidden in radeon settings so the function is uses for DX12 games.

The green team doesn't have this problem and I would like to request it to AMD.
Many people would be happy for this.