Carfax in 2022...Bumper?


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Looking for a used car for my daughter (wife has yet to tell me whether we are "helping" her pay for it or we're just paying for it, I suspect the latter).

I knew that Carfax had abandoned its subscription model (they could at least offer a one week or month unlimited option), but I guess they had too much of they subscribers running them for everyone. :(

Anyway, now it looks like any other car buying site, which sort of leaves me with a bad impression, sort of like well maybe they aren't quite as "independent" anymore as they once touted themselves to be.

Interestingly enough, I when I typed carfax into google, the first result was this site called "Bumper" which is a ripoff/imitator/competitior. It offers a $1 unlimited seven day trial (with of course auto-renews at $20 per month)...but before I even bother with that, I have to wonder is it even any good or reliable at all? Quick search leads to a lot of poor reviews of it, and the first result on google they probably paid $$$ for make me wary as well.


daughter would appreciate any "buy new" suggestions :bleh:

EDIT: yeah, feel dumb for asking about "bumper", prevailing internet opinion it SCAM
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