Captured video using X1950XTX VIVO is black and white using PAL Camcorder..


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I have an ancient PAL Camcorder from asia that uses mini VHS tapes. I really want to capture the video and digitize them before the tapes deteriorates beyond repair. I have the latest drivers Catalyst 8.5 for the X1950XTX and Sony VEGAS Pro 8 and VirtualDUB all sees the AVStream T200 capture device fine.

However all the captured video is just black and white :( No matter what setting I try on both programs, the videos are still in black and white. I remembered a few years ago, my AIW 9700pro can in fact capture videos from the same camcorder in color. What am I doing wrong here :( Please help
Not sure how much help this will be, but FWIW...

AFAIK you'll need a PAL card to capture the vid, or maybe a device like a DVD Recorder *If* it was capable of both PAL & NTSC. Not sure if separate , lower cost hardware to boost & clean up the signal would help or not. Vegas will be useless for analog capture - only DV - & V/Dub has quirks when it comes to ATI hardware, so I'd definitely recommend something else in the way of software.

Here in the US I'd consider having one of the local drugstores transfer it to DVD when they're running a special -- not sure what the markets are like there.