Capture Tips Anyone


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So I decided to throw my hold TV wonder elite into my vista32 machine. Media Center works fine, but I want to capture video from the composite input, not the coax. I have nero8, but when I select nero vision, the app starts up, it detects channels, but there is no video. So not only can I not select an input source, but it also hangs. I tried playing around with media center, and I can eventually select composite as an input and see content, BUT setup won't proceed because of the IR it's searching for next.

So I stumbled upon BeyondTV and installed it. It thinks it's getting TV from composite, but I just hit record on whatever program it thinks it's recording, and get my content onto the machine that way.

There has got to be a better way.

In the old days, I'd just fire up MMC on my all-in-wonder and that's all I'd need to do. Unfortunately, that's not an option. :cry:

So does anyone have any tips? I simply want to capture audio/video from the composite input on my tv wonder elite. That's it. I have everything else for editing/transcoding/etc.
There are simply many more problems recording in Vista. IMHO the easiest solution at the moment might be to dual boot into XP. :nuts:

There are several apps that you can try - check out the downloads at - & you might find one that you like better... If Nero won't work, & everything's installed correctly, you may find better luck with the Beyond TV sort of programs like GB-PVR.

You might also have some luck playing around with Graphedit, checking to see if you have all of the Direct Show filters you need installed, for programs like Nero to work. If you can't assemble a graph that does what you want, maybe your software can't either?

While you might find it a bit of a hassle at first setting it up, you might get VLAN working for capture. Or you could always spring for the $30 or so it costs for a remote with an IR blaster, & use VIsta MC.