Can't Post in member Classifieds


Believing is Seeing
I do not see a "New Post" button.

Do I have to subscribe? If so, i can't do that either. :bleh:
Looks like a general permissions issue for that section, so I don't think general users can make post's. I'll take a look into it tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for letting us know!
I still can't post in the forum. I see no "New Topic" button.

Do I need to do something on my end?
Doesn't work for me either. Tried firefox and chrome.

Yours is a forum mod account too. Interesting.

I can see the button as a super moderator, and I can confirm that it works. It’s definitely a permissions issue.
I'm not entirely sure I understand why at this point. So I'll post more details when I know more.
Get an error while posting like a timeout... about 50% of the time... not forum specific.