Can't get my Video-In port to work


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I have an E-One 433 machine or my kid which has a video-in port and has RageXL 3D 2X AGP. The machine runs Win98SE and for the display adapter, I have loaded 4.13.2655 driver. I checked in the multimedia section in Control Panel and under Video Capture Devices is listed Microsoft WDM Image Capture. I still cannot see the video input show up in MMC7.2. I also tried other softwares to check if they can see the Video-in port but none can.

Can someone let me know what I may be doing wrong or what else I need to check? Thanks
Cant find much specs on your machine.
Try installing the driver that came with it.
I think the video is is not being properly recognised by the driver.
Not sure how to fix it...