Can you max out Fortnite on a PS4?


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I'm trying to convince a friend that purchasing a PC specifically for Fortnite is a waste of money. Their kid is playing Fortnite on a PS4.

Does a PS4 handle Fortnite at 1080p?
AFAIK, the ps4 can run fortnite at up to 1080p60, and as low as 720p, and I have a hunch that it does that with settings that are the equivalent of low/medium on pc.

I'm going by what digital foundry said two years ago though, the game might have gotten more demanding by now.
Don't forget that fortnite also supports m+k controls on console. If all they want to play is fortnite, I think a ps4/xbone is a no-brainer.
Yeah that’s what I said. The kid just wants a PC, I recommended turning the PS4 into a PC by setting it up with a K and M on a desk with their 1080p monitor.

The visual upgrades going to a PC will not be noticeable by a 10 year old if what Mangler said about the PS4 running it at medium is right which I think is true.

Eh…….I’ll save them the hassle of getting a PC.