Can I get S-Video In on a Radeon 64?



The title basically says it all. I was debating between the G400 MAX and the Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO (see my other topic), and I thought that I would try out the Radeon first and see how I liked it. Unfortunately, though, I found out that it does not have an S-Video In port. What's with that?

Can I use the other S-Video port as an S-Video In, or is it S-Video Out only? If I bought a TV-Wonder, could I record using MPEG2? For that matter, how good is MPEG2 compression using ATi's solution (is it software or real-time hardware)?
The VIVO only has 3 connectors (i think)
S-out, Vid-in, Vid-out. (i still dont know how ppl get sound in on this, or sound out)

Anyways, the ATi DVD acceleration is half/half software/hardware (i think).
Its got 2 critical hardware MPEG2 components that helps ease CPU load by alot (motion compensation, IDCT) I guess the rest is done in software, but hey, its one of the best DVD acceleration in the market (i hear), easily rivaling true hardware DVD cards.
I believe the Rage Theater chip handles the MPEG2 capture all in hardware... that would be encoding not decoding the decoding is done by the Radeon chip itsekf... the Radeon does have IDCT,HWMC and also Adaptive Deinterlacing which is supposed to give artifact free DVD playback... no scanlines or jitters. I have not seen it personally but I will on monday when my VIVO card gets here...

You use your sound card for sound in & out... are you having problems setting it up?
I used my SB Live! Platinum and have had no problems with sound with my 64MB DDR VIVO card. The setup was dirt easy. When you run the VideoIn for the first time it asks what you want your input (sound) source to be... I just picked what I had my sound plugged in (RCA Line In, but could be any input source) and everything works great!

So, would there be any advantage of getting a TV-Wonder? I was reading through some of the technical support files on, and it said that the Multimedia 7.0 software is incompatible with the TV-Wonder software (so I couldn't have both installed at once).

I could:
1) Radeon 64MB + 3rd party S-Video In
2) AIW Radeon 32MB (and console myself that I don't have 64MB, which I would like at my high resolutions)

What are the _really good_ video-in cards on the market? I'll give a price ceiling of $300, but I'm interested in hearing all suggestions. Also, if I go with the Radeon, can I use PowerDVD for playback, or do I need to use the ATI video player? What about S/PDIF output through my SBLive! (the AIW has its own S/PDIF line)?
SeanTek, I have an ATI TV wonder VE & a Radeon 64meg VIVO & the two are working perfectly together. I can't comment on the bullitin you read, I can only tell you from my own experience. I don't seen to be having any problems so far 7 both have been running on my system for about a week.
Well, since none of the others actually answered your question:

No, the 64mb Vivo doesn't have S-Video In, but the AIW Radeon does.

I was mildly surprised to see that when I got my card. But, the video-in on composite looks pretty good anyways, so I'm not overly upset about it.

A small nit-pick for an otherwise superb card.

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Why do you need s-video in? get an s-video to composite converter and plug it in vid-in
I dont have a radeon. Well not yet anyways. Im waiting on the AIW version.
Im not a fan of high speed gaming, just want SMOOTH gaming, so framerate dont mean jack to me (otherwise i would omit a TV tuner and get a 64DDR). Its all a matter of how it looks.

Oh and, when you do sound out, you need to use a stereo sound out to RCA L/R in cable right? (the one with RCA L/R pins on one end ind combines into a smallish stereo cable that fits into a soundcard jack).
How much are those usually? Im just interested to see if i saved money or not (mine came with my Sony Discman).